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Order food?

Do not feel like cooking? Order from your favorite restaurants via FoodDrop.

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Send a parcel?

Send quickly and easily? Send your parcels with Dropper.

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The solution
for your
last-mile challenge.

Send without hassle? Don't feel like going to the post office? We are happy to do it for you. We collect your drops from you, pack them for you and deliver them, in your area, wherever you want.

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Sending could not be easier.

Send one or more parcels from your seat? It is possible with Dropper. From pick-up to packaging, we arrange everything for you.



Simply upload a photo of your drop to start sending.



No packaging material available? No problem, we package all your drops for you.



No time to go to the post office? We collect your drops at home, in the office or on location.



Do you have multiple drops within one pick-up? No worries, we collect them at the same time and drop them wherever you want, whenever you want.

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The delivery solution for your e-commerce challenges

With Dropper you can drop your products or packages in your area within one hour. With the Dropper network you always have a flexible bicycle courier at your disposal. Dropper offers the total solution for all your last mile challenges.

  • No shipping hassle
  • Same-day delivery
  • Always up to date
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We have the perfect
solution for you.

Present your store or restaurant on the Dropper Platform. This way the city has your products within reach.

With the Dropper Network you always have a courier at your disposal in no time.

Get complete control and insight into your delivery team with the Dropper Dashboard.

Add the Dropper API to your e-commerce checkout and deliver within one hour at home and on location.

Ease, delivered in every sector, everywhere.

Send without hassle. Curious in which sectors we are active? Read more about our cases below to see if Dropper can also be of interest to your company.

Retail & city logistics

Join our
mission, today.

Being your own boss? Plan yourself when you work and what you earn? Want to get fit during work? Become part of the Dropper community and work whenever you want.

  • Work whenever you want
  • Decide for yourself what you earn
  • Work-out during work
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Dropper in the news

Want to stay informed about our developments? Read below what media wrote about our most recent developments.

The province of Groningen will support the Dropper company in setting up a company for efficient parcel delivery in the city of Groningen...

A pizza courier will soon also be able to deliver flowers. A shoe store can have shoes delivered directly to the customer...

Delivery startup Dropper is commissioned by PostNL to deliver emission-free packages in the center of Groningen. In the first instance, deliveries are made...